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It is the Record Labels job to create and distribute records. In exchange for money Record Labels obtain the right to copy and distribute an artist's record. The record company provides a recording agreement for the artist to sign that states the terms of their agreement. The Record Label obtains the exclusive right to reproduce the artist's material in exchange for a cash advance and mechanical royalties. There are many types of Record Labels and they all have their benefits and disadvantages. There are Major Record Labels, Mini Major Record Labels and Independent Record Labels. The biggest Major Record Labels are Sony, Universal, WEA, and BMG. Some of the other Major Record labels are Warner Bros. Records, DreamWorks, RCA Records, MCA Records, Capital Records, Atlantic Records, and Columbia Records. A Mini Major Record Label is a company that affiliates with a major record label. How this works is the Mini Major Record Label usually signs it own acts, promotes its own artists, produces its own records and has the Major Record Label distribute the records. The two Companies will split the profits from this joint venture by a certain percentage, usually in the favor of the Major Record Label. An example of a Mini-Major Record Label is Geffen, Interscope Records, Black Ground Records, Priority Records, Bad Boy Records and Maverick Records. Some examples of Independent Record Labels are No Limit Records, Aftermath Records, Priority Records, SideOneDummy Records & American Recordings.

Virgin Records
LABELS. Virgin Records America, Inc.

Sony Music
Information about the labels and artists of Sony's music division.

Columbia Records
Columbia Records Online. Home to Columbia, American Recordings, Aware Records, The Medicine Label, Nude Records, Ovum Recordings, Ruffhouse Records

Warner Bros. Records
Check out the other recording labels in the Warner Brothers Records family, these include: Warner Brothers Records Nashville, Warner Brothers.

The label's roster ranges from Barry Manilow to Run DMC -- now that's diversity. Stop by and send a free e-card.

Altantic is the home of P.O.D. and Jewel, among many others. Visit the site to listen to audio clips.

Epic boasts of having both Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson on its label.

Download clips from Blink 182, Res, Keke Wyatt and other MCA artists at its well-designed site.

Def Jam Recordings
Hip-hop music label. Interact with other rap-lovers and find out the latest information on their Def Jam artists. New York City hip-hop and rap

David Geffen is himself a icon of rock music, and his label represents many mega-star rock acts.

The country home of George Jones and other popular Elektra acts. Features the music of popular artists with exclusive videos and interviews.

interscope records
record store search. Click the go button to search for a record store in your area. interscope records, inc.

genesta records
independent record label working with undeveloped talent in los angeles. we want the next big thing. music, a&r, management. genesta records, new music for new minds.

Record Label Directory
You'll find contact information for thousands of music business contacts. Record companies, A&R's, managers, manufacturers, publishers, producers and more.
Find Record Labels. We help accomplished talent - musicians, gain support and worldwide exposure. Designed for talent, industry and fans.

record labels on the web
Database of record label web site links searchable by location and genre. record labels on the web, searchable database of record label web sites.

A&R Online
Offers a tip sheet for music publishers, record labels and unsigned musicians. Connect to news about guitarist Chris Standring.