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Incubus was formed in Calabasas, CA when the four founding members, Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Mike Einziger, and Alex Katunich, formed a band in the 10th grade. They met up with DJ Lyfe (Gavin Koppel) in 95'. He had heard their sound and asked them about incorporating some of his tracks into their music. The band had a trial jam session and Dj Lyfe was instantly incorporated into their free-form funk sound. The band caught the attention of several labels, but was eventually signed by Immortal Records. Their first EP, Enjoy Incubus, was released in January of 97', and followed up shortly with S.C.I.E.N.C.E. later that year. The group's two latest efforts have been the successful Make Yourself in 99' and Fungus Amongus in 2000.

I have always idolized eccentric people; old storytellers with scraggly beards, Sadhus covered in the ashes of their brothers, street performers, contortionists, mediums, magicians, painters and poets for example. They seemed to demonstrate to me the ideals that I could never find in amongst the throws of everyday life. And part of what intrigued me about this world of others was the fact that they didn't exist on the surface. You had to go 'below', so to speak, to find them. In books, rumors and shadowed corners was and is where they continue to thrive. It was in pursuit of these ideals which led me towards MUSIC and to the people I make music with. And by holding onto those things sacred to me and us we have been able to circumvent the conventionalism which frightened me into action in the first place. Which brings us to now...

Two years and two million records after the release of 'Make Yourself', we (incubus) were hell-bent on the idea of making our next record in an environment that would transcend the confinement and potential banality of the conventional recording process. We needed to continue moving forward with the ideas and adventurousness, which sparked this project into flame so many years ago. Escape that creepy, dentist's office vibe which seems to permeate every recording studio, and most importantly reinvent the concept of the 'Studio Tan'.

So, in keeping with those philosophies, we all moved into a magnificent, Malibu mansion, set up our gear in the living room with a view of the ocean, and began creating what would be our most free-flowing work to date; 'MORNING VIEW'. Reassembling our mathemagical team of recording partners; Scott Litt (producing), Rick Will (engineering), and Dave Holdridge (Computer Nerding), we brought to life a formula that was merely whispered upon during the 'Make Yourself' sessions. Scott brought with him not only his knowledge and objectivity as a seasoned producer, but as well an infinite background in culture! With his grace and poise in fishing techniques, and a library of opinions concerning fine cheeses and wine! All time tested to be invaluable while making a record.

The easiest thing in the world would be to repeat the same equations that worked for us in the past, but with repetition would come demise. We needed to start fresh and rewire our transmitters. And in doing so, we wrote what is in my opinion our best record yet. I hope that some who listen to it agree. I am aware that many will not, for stratospheric string orchestrations, Disney-esque, trip-hop escapades, lyrics about contentment under a full moon, and not a shred of rap in our metal usually spells trouble for a rock band with aspirations of success. But if two of you out there enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it, I will feel like we accomplished worlds. And for those who don't like it, you can bite me. Our record cover will look great even in the used CD bin.

For an overview of the record, check out 'Wish You Were Here'. A simple and straightforward ditty about the beauty of a moment in paradise. And the desire to share that moment with someone of like mind. 'Warning' tells a small story about a person who has the world at the tips of her fingers but through the art of distraction and compromise she wakes up one day to find that it has slipped by her. And the information she gains from her mistake she shares in song with the rest of the world. Kind of a 'don't do what i did' lamentation. 'Just a Phase' documents how fickle the world can be and how the only certainty that exists is that everything eventually runs it's course. Keeping this in mind and trying not to get too cynical, it points out the blessing in disguise that is 'Temporaryism' and how it can be a door that swings both ways.

'Aqueous Transmission', perhaps our most ambitious work to date, was first conceived with an instrument quite alien to Incubus and all of rock music to be precise. A 'Ko-kyu' is what was used here and it was donated by a very generous and talented man by the name of Steve Vai. One late evening we began conjuring and experimenting with this track and it quickly brought to mind the image and analogy of floating freely down a river; hence the content of the song. Our friend Suzi Katayama, who has in the past worked string arrangements with the likes of Bjork, Madonna and even Yours Truly for an acoustic performance in L.A., lent her classical finesse to this story. And in doing so helped it become exactly what we envisioned; a song so atmospheric and vibratory, it would make those who listened to it doze off into a land of rivers, kung fu and unicorns, eventually making the listener pee in her/his pants. (Attainable goals I think, but please don't operate any heavy machinery while listening to this one.)

These are but a few of the songs on a very diverse record. And though they will give a pretty good indication of the climate of this work, I would encourage listening to the entire album! Preferably while driving down your friendly, neighborhood Highway! (minus the last song) I am sure that we are all aware of how ridiculous the idea of a band biography really is. Especially one about a band who has accomplished very little in retrospect. The word in itself (biography) invokes the thought of self importance, large unnecessary adjectives and an 8x10 picture showing you all how vain we really are. But it is a necessary evil, for now. And if it in any way, large or small allows us more time and resource to continue pursuing OUR idea of eccentricity and trancenDANCE than I am willing to bend a little. So if you have any questions regarding therapy, Pirate-Core, tour bus full contact grappling, plastic surgery, who slept with whose girlfriend and or any other inquiries... please don't hesitate to refer to our website message board, where every rumor you hear, read and or come up with all by yourself is 100% true.

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